The Fluorometrix family of Cellstation™ High Throughput Bioreactors is a paradigm shifting cell cultivation technology. It allows for highly parallel bioprocessing by a multiple-vessel architecture with non-invasive monitoring and control of critical process parameters. The core technology is derived from a common patent base licensed from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) under extended terms of exclusivity. Key advantages are deployment of pre-calibrated, disposable bioreactors that confer enormous time and labor advantages over traditional technology. This cost saving, scaleable, automated culture technology is well positioned to facilitate the entire biopharma cell culturing and fermentation process and will not only save millions in labor and materials, but will also reduce the time to market for new drugs - an additional incalculable savings in opportunity cost and human life. Fluorometrix’s technology provides the missing link to fully deliver on the promise of post-genomics and proteome based drug development.

HTBR™ User Benefits

The HTBR presents a viable and cost- effective compromise between the parallelism of shake flask culturing and the monitoring and control capabilities of culturing with a lab-scale bioreactor. The system is designed to minimize set-up times and to operate with a minimum of operator intervention, thereby dramatically increasing the productivity of the laboratory scientist.

Bottom line: Better, Cheaper, Faster

HTBR™ Cost Savings

The cost savings resulting from the use of the HTBR™ system result directly from its ability to increase yield in the bioprocess laboratory and lead to productivity increases at far lower cost compared to the competition:

    Highly parallel system – large numbers of cultures can be run simultaneously.
    Pre-calibrated sensors lead to minimal labor and provide advanced process information.
    The small working volumes result in reduced usage of nutrients and medium.
    Using disposable materials greatly saves labor and reduces contamination.
    Maintenance, calibration and cleaning validation costs are virtually zero.

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