Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - FLUOROMETRIX Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - FLUOROMETRIX Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - FLUOROMETRIX
The Cellphase® Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO-1) is a portable detection system with the ability to service existing glassware and other laboratory apparatus. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with flat bottom laboratory glassware, which can be seated on top of the CellPhase® sensing element. The CellPhase® DO-1 system interfaces to a PC for data acquisition, trending, and logging.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - FLUOROMETRIX

Key to the design of the DO-1 is the non-invasive nature of the system. Unlike most existing sensors requiring the physical insertion of an instrument-connected probe into the fluid to measure dissolved oxygen, the DO-1 actually resides outside the fluid, illuminating a special chemically treated luminescent patch residing within the fluid with light energy. This causes, in response, a luminescent light energy to be generated which, when collected and properly analyzed, provides precise information on the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the fluid. This non-invasive technique helps prevent contamination of the fluid being tested, thereby providing a means for monitoring and controlling chemical reactions in a closed vessel without contaminating or stopping the bioprocess being analyzed.

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