CL.Com - Safety like no others   CL.Com products can be divided in four sales... Read more
Infrared Humen Body Temperature Thermometer AF110   Description Temperature Range: 30 to 45C( 86 to 113F)... Read more
A New Standard in High-Pressure Bleeding Control           Uncontrolled hemorrhage is the... Read more
Breast Examination without Raddiation, Pain or Risk (TISENO)   Early detection of breast cancer. Very early on,... Read more
Disposable Circumcision Device (Sunathrone)   Sunathrone is the ultimate finest disposable plastic male... Read more
EMS Compact Stretcher   CivilianTHE STANDARD EMSCOMPACT STRETCHERThe EMSCompact Stretcher, a state-of-the-art... Read more
Hemorrhage Control Kit - N-HC   Uncontrolled hemorrhage is one of the leading causes... Read more
Portable Human and Veterinary medical X-ray system - POSKOM   PORTABLE X-RAY SYSTEM Field ApplicationHuman: Indoor and Outdoor... Read more
Radiation Monitors   Radiation Portal Monitors - Centralized remote diagnostics and... Read more
Surgical,Dental,Veterinary and Manicure Instruments,Equipment and Supplies-PRORAS   Surgical,Dental,Veterinary and Manicure Instruments,Equipment and Supplies-PRORAS Surgical Pakistan SURGICAL... Read more
The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection     The Blizzard Survival Brand incorporating Reflexcell™ material has... Read more
Explorer Cases   Built Stronger to Last LongerWaterproof Cases - Made... Read more
Tactical Medical Solutions   Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. develops, supplies, and manufactures... Read more
T-POD - Trauma Pelvic Orthopedic Device   Powerful, safe, and effective:- T-POD provides powerful, fast and... Read more
The Dual Ended Infant Identi'fier The dual ended Infant ‘Identi’fier(TM) is a unique identification... Read more
TRM-C Series for Field Work, Taggant Verification, Anti-counterfieting Use the TRM-C Series for Field Work, Taggant Verification,... Read more
WON SOLUTION   Won Solution (former Won Medical) has been developing and... Read more
X-Ray Protective Clothing     X-Ray Protective Apron         ... Read more
X-Ray Protective Devices   Half-transparent Device   Transparent Device Read more
Medical Engineering (Funeralia)   Medical Engineering for Mortuary Refrigeration, Hydr. Body Tray Lifters,... Read more

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