Early detection of breast cancer.

breast examination
Very early on, before the formation of a lump, a developing cancer is supplied with an increased amount of blood. Even at this early stage this can lead to elevated heat emission that can be detected with TISENO®. By mammogram or ultrasound first signs of a change are detected much later, only after an increase in size or calcification.



Breast cancer detection without radiation, pain or risk.

breast examinationTISENO® provides the patient with a painless, risk- and stress free, non-invasive examination without exposure to radiation. The breast does not need to be compressed for the purpose of examination.






The examination procedure.

breast examinationTISENO® is mounted on an adjustable stand. One side consists of a display that the patient faces, after stripping to the waist, so that her breast touches it. The position is controlled on a monitor. The automatic examination procedure starts with the push of a button and lasts approximately one minute. The heat pattern of the breast is shown in colour on the display. The resulting series of photographs are saved on the computer. The procedure is repeated for the second breast. The whole examination generally does not last longer than five minutes. The photographs can subsequently be interpreted by the physician and discussed with the patient.

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