EMSCOMPACT STRETCHER The EMSCompact Stretcher, a state-of-the-art 8 fold stretcher, is a revolution in Emergency Medical Equipment Engineering. Weighting at only 5.0 kg (11 lbs), it folds to an astonishing 50 cm (19.7 ins) in height, so that it slips neatly into its backpack case, leaving the personnel hands free to deal with any emergency.

The EMSCompact Stretcher is the lightest, most compact and flexible stretcher available in the EMS market today. When every second matters and rescue personnel have an increasingly heavy load to carry, you can count on the EMSCompact Stretcher to allow them to get on with the job of saving lives!


The Compact Size - makes the EMSCompact Stretcher the Perfect Battlefield stretcher in terms of an easy carrying in a backpack and the convenience of storage in vehicles and facilities. Our EMSCompact Stretcher folds to the amazing size of only 50 cm!!

Light weight – the EMSCompact Stretcher is significantly lighter than any of the other emergency stretchers in the market today - only 5.0 kg!! The simplicity of extending and folding – the special mechanism of the EMSCompact Stretcher doesn't require much training and practicing. It's very user friendly - folding and extending it should not take more than approximately 7-10 seconds.

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The CBRN EMSCompact Stretcher


Compact StretcherThe September 11th attack, subsequent Anthrax incidents, and recent European confrontations and threats, have further confirmed the increased global situational awareness. With this current evolution of potential terrorization, the focus on biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry is crucial. It is apparent from recent intelligence reports that terrorist networks continue to pursue chemical and biological weapons to threaten military and civilian populations. Given that such threats do not recognize geographical boundaries, the various government organizations, industry counterparts and civilian agencies are therefore working together to eliminate potential acts of bio-chemical terrorism.


Rescuing people in distress is always a challenging and demanding mission, and the more hazardous the circumstances on-scene, the more challenging the mission. It requires rescuers to use the best available planning, expertise, resources and technology if the mission is to succeed in saving lives.

If a CBRN attack should occur, a proficient rapid reaction is crucial for saving lives and protecting our countries. Global and national, military and civilian agencies MUST be ready for such a threat - to be well equipped and prepared in order to respond quickly and safely to CBRN attacks to ensure minimal casualties.

In a CBRN incident, the rescue team needs to carry the contaminated patients to the nearest field hospital or hospital for immediate treatment. However, before the medical staff can treat them, it is crucial that they will be decontaminated ASAP, in order to avoid further contamination of
more people and equipment. Therefore, after removing all their cloths, the patients have to be thoroughly washed by special decontamination solutions outside the medical facility. The rescue team then moves the patients from the stretcher and put them on a washing bed, where they undergo the decontamination procedure. Only then can the patients enter the medical facility for treatment.

This procedure raises two major problems:
1. The fabric of the standard stretchers is PVC, which does not have chemical resistance. Therefore, the stretcher will be contaminated by the patient, and it will most likely disintegrate by the time the rescue team reaches the medical facility.
2. Time and manpower are two major and crucial factors in all emergency incidents, and more so in mass casualties CBRN incidents. The time it takes the rescue team to move the patient from the stretcher to the washing bed and the number of people required for the task – four individuals – is a major problem the rescue team faces.

THE CBRN EMSCompact Stretcher

This state-of-the-art, revolutionary CBRN EMSCompact Stretcher is designed and developed according to technical requirements specifications received from the US military, in order to meet the specific requirements of the CBRN threat. Intensive worldwide market research has yielded the best chemical resistant mesh fabric suitable for a stretcher – the PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), whose advantages include a Superb Chemical Resistance for decontamination when exposed to body fluids, industrial chemicals, and CBRN warfare agents; Excellent Melting Point at 633ºF; and an Excellent Abrasion Resistance.

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