The Blizzard Survival Brand incorporating Reflexcell™ material has become the new standard wherever thermal performance in a lightweight compact package is essential - for military use, casualty care, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, personal survival, outdoor activities...and more.

Reflexcell™ products are totally unique: weight-for-weight far warmer than goose down, yet 100% weatherproof, tough, ultra-portable and re-usable.




The Blizzard Survival Bag is a full-sized sleeping bag in a pack the size of a video cassette, providing total warmth and shelter - anywhere, at any time. Made with Reflexcell™, it is the new standard in thermal performance.

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Blizzard Survival Jacket

Blizzard Survival Jacket Blizzard Survival Jacket Blizzard Survival Jacket

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a unique garment with a tiny packed size. This unique, life-saving Reflexcell™ jacket is a must-have for every emergency kit. This thigh-length, sleeveless body warmer with a hood also allows 100% mobility.

Also available: Long Jacket & Military Specs

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Blizzard Survival Blanket

Blizzard Survival Blanket Blizzard Survival Blanket Blizzard Survival Blanket

Large survival blanket with self adhesive closure. Superior Reflexcell™ performance and practicality compared to conventional foil-type 'space' blankets. It provides total warmth and weather protection, can easily be re-opened.

Also available: Blanket Small & Single Layer Foil Blanket

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The need for a lightweight, compact, self heating casualty blanket has finally been met. Years of experience in manufacturing survival products have shaped the development of the new Blizzard Heat™ Blanket.

Since its launch in August 2008 the Blizzard Heat Blanket has been honoured by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Magazine as the Top Innovation Award 2008.

Having already received thousands of orders from international military users the Blizzard Heat™ Blanket is the only trauma casualty care system in the world to combine the benefits of Blizzard™'s revolutionary Reflexcell™ insulating material with self-heating pads. Therefore eliminating the need for a power supply and allowing medical attention to be administered quickly and efficiently.

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