Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. develops, supplies, and manufactures innovative tactical and medical equipment. Our mission is to increase the effectiveness and survivability of the modern warrior with innovative, high quality products.

At Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. we understand the challenges of combat and providing medical care in austere environments. Our products are developed by experienced tactical medical professionals and tested in the toughest environments on the planet. We pride ourselves in providing equipment you can trust to work how and when you need. When you need quality equipment that is truly made to last, Tactical Medical Solutions is your primary source.

At Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. we understand the challenges of combat and providing medical care in austere environments. Our products are developed by experienced tactical medical professionals and tested in the toughest environments on the planet. We pride ourselves in providing equipment you can trust to work how and when you need. When you need quality equipment that is truly made to last, Tactical Medical Solutions is your primary source.

SOF™ Tactical Tourniquet.

We have taken the original design and made it even more effective and compact. The windlass has been shortened and anodized. The buckle height has been reduced and the safety screw has been redesigned to lower the profile and allow for easier tightening.
These changes have made the tourniquet much more compact than the previous model. We are also proud to announce that the 2nd generation SOF™ tactical Tourniquet is the standard issue tourniquet to all US Army Special Operations Forces receiving the IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). It is also included in the tactical medical deployment sets issued to the most skilled Special Operations medics in the world.

SOF tactical Medical Solution SOF tactical Medical Solution


The Olaes™ Modular Bandage is the newest product from Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. to aid in increasing the effectiveness of modern tactical combat casualty care. No other bandage offers so much versatility in such a small
package. Cover minor wounds, apply truly effective pressure dressings, apply occlusive dressings, and have the ability to pack severe wounds with one bandage.

Each Olaes™ Modular Bandage contains the following:
> Elastic Bandage.
> Wound Pad.
> 3 meters of sterile 4 ply gauze.
> Plastic sheeting to act as anocclusive dressing.



The Blast™ Bandage was designed to provide the ability to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds
with minimal use of supplies and minimal effort. The Blast™ Bandage  provides a 20”X20” treatment area, but packs to about the size
of a 4” combat bandage. Our large non-adherent wound pad can be easily wrapped around limbs and secured with the attached elastic

 BLAST Bandage BLAST Bandage

It provides a large sterile protective covering for shrapnel wounds or burns. With such  a large coverage area the Blast™ Bandage is
large enough to cover the entire back or chest of most casualties. The Blast™ Bandage also offers a removable occlusive layer that will cover a 19”x 19” area or can be used to cover abdominal contents minimizing the loss of heat and moisture.
As with our other bandages the “brakes” on the bandage help prevent accidental unrolling of the elastic wrap during high stress application.
These brakes are especially helpful during the dressing of amputations. By providing multiple points of adhesion the brakes prevent slippage
of the elastic during the wrapping process. This creates a more secure, effective bandage and decreases the chance of the wound being
exposed during movement.


Control™ Wrap to make life a little easierwhen under stress. Just as in our Olaes™ and Blast™ bandages, we incorporate a series
of brakes into each elastic bandage. These brakes prevent accidental un-rolling during application. The brakes also provide grip surfaces
during the wrapping process and assist in maintaining the desired pressure and position  of the bandage.

This is extremely helpful when changing angles during the wrapping process or if bandaging awkward injuries.
By reducing the risk of accidental unrolling of the bandage, you minimize the following risks:

 > Contaminating a clean bandage.
 > Waste of a bandage due to contamination.
 > Lost time while managing loose ends.
 > Loss of pressure after applying the
  bandage due to shipping of materials.


The I.V. Evaporative Cooling System
(IVECS™) was developed to prevent I.V. fluids from reaching excessively hot and potentially dangerous temperatures. Studies show that excessively hot I.V. fluids can cause tissue damage and hemolysis. Hot fluids are also counterproductive when treating heat casualties. When
operating in a desert or any low humidity hot environment this becomes a serious concern.

IVECS Tactical Medical

The IVECS’ efficient design maintains fluids at a safe temperature for up to 18 hours without additional cooling assistance. The cooling
systems are cost effective and reusable. They can easily be converted to a pressure infuser with the addition of a standard blood pressure
cuff. It will accomodate both 500 ml and 1000 ml bags. The IVECS™ provides an effective, power-free means of delivering I.V. fluids at a safe temperature under adverse conditions and in harsh climates.


Securing a casualties airway is a critical task in any phase of medicine.

The Serpent™ Wrap is an ultra-compact, multi-use device used to
secure ET tubes and numerous other items. Its design allows it to be easily passed under the patient even when wearing heavy-weight
assault gloves.

serpent wrap tactical medical serpent wrap tactical medical

serpent wrap tactical medical


Our BVM Adapter will immediately convert a standard BVM into a chemical resuscitation device. Our product eliminates the need for specialized, complicated equipment by using equipment already in your inventory. By using familiar equipment, you minimize training time
and increase effectiveness.

BVM Adapter tactical medical

Simply remove the reservoir from the back of the BVM attach the adapter and a filter of your choice and the conversion is complete. You
now have the ability to deliver life saving respirations to a patient in a contaminated environment.


We know medics do more than hand out Band-Aids™ and the R-AID™ Bag was designed for the fighting medic. Its compact design is perfect for those serving the dual role of Assaulter/Medic.

The R-AID™ bag can be worn as a backpack, slung over a shoulder, or attached to your pack with FASTEK buckles.

Bulk was kept to a minimum, but the bag is still large enough to carry what you need for  ‘on target care’ or a lengthy patrol in a highly
organized package. The shoulder strap options allow you to put the bag on quickly when you are in full kit and make it easier to work from when treating on the move. Everything you need to treat a patient is within reach without removing the bag from your body.

r-aid bag tactical medical

If you’re looking for a functional bag that wont add 50 lbs to an already heavy load, you just found it.


The Foxtrot™ Litter is small enough to attach to your kit or another bag, but is still functional in a combat or rescue environment. It provides a rapid means of casualty movement without compromising durability, flexibility, or the individual’s ability to maneuver through the most demanding environments. Casualties can be dragged or carried off target without excess time spent rigging
and securing.

 foxtrot litter

Features of the Foxtrot™ Litter:
> Light and compact (4.6 Lbs with carrier)
> Size allows movement of casualties through narrow passages and walkways such as on aircraft,  buses, and trains. Casualties can be sat up to  make tight turns on stairwells and hallways.
> Rapid deployment drag line already rigged to litter.
> Multiple grab points ease passage through tight areas.
> Quick secure straps keep casualty is secure but accessible for reassessments and care.


Fire Suppression System to combat the increased use of combustible materials in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Our fire blanket is designed to mount either outside or inside the vehicle on the roll bars. In the event of a fire, the handle is pulled and the blanket is released. Once released, the blanket falls free of the container and spreads open. It can then be used to smother personnel and equipment.

fire suppression tactical medical

The blanket’s rating is for a constant operating temperature of 2000º F and has a melt point of 3000º F. With this high of a rating, you can use our system multiple times on the most intense fires. This product gives you the ability to extinguish personnel, vehicles, and equipment
with one device.


The Fast Strap accessory pack allows you to retrofit the Foxtrot™ Litter with an alternate strap system. Designed for those seeking a larger strap with side release buckle closure, these straps are extremely quick and easy to secure. Each pack includes 3 sets of main straps, 2 leg straps, and new mounting buckles.

 fast strap tactical medical

fast strap tactical medical

fast strap tactical medical


CCP Marking Kit provides the essential components for marking either priority staging areas in a CCP or to mark
an individual casualty in daylight or low light situations.

CCP Marking Kit

It also includes a day and night marker  for the control point and basic casualty tracking. Low intensity chem-lights provide enough light
signature to aid in organization and the evacuation process without acting as a target indicator in non-permissive environments.

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