Image/Video Enhancement and Restoration Methods




The image processing group within TUBITAK BILGEM BTE develops image and video enhancement algorithms. The developed algorithms have the capacity to be utilized for criminal investigation and analysis. Scientific methods aiming to  minimize  any  possible  distortion  on  visual  evidence,  while  pThe methods both employed and required by investigation specialists are acquired to develop enhanced methods to be utilized in criminal analysis.reserving  the  nature  of  evidence,  are  applied  when distortions may potentially prevent criminal investigation.

Wide spectrum of algorithm and ability of adding new algorithms as plug−ins.

The developed image processing methods provide the analyzer the capability of flexible usage without any loss in the evidence nature of the image data.  The user interactions of the algorithms are built up in a way to enable the access to the method parameters in order to provide the opportunity of increasing the quality of the process utilizing the experience of the specialist. Thus, the user can make a contribution to the enhancement of the result by accessing solution steps whenever necessary.

  • Extensive library of algorithms
  • Opportunity of flexible algorithm usage
  • Preservation of the evidence nature of the data
  • Ability of adding new algorithms as plug−ins
  • Wide support of image and video formats







Update with Novel Methods APPLICATION PROPERTIES

The application is not limited to the present image enhancement methods and algorithms and has the ability of adding novel methods as plug−ins. Thus, the methods and algorithms can always be updated, included or excluded to satisfy the current requirements.

Defining New Methods in Block Applications

While enhancing distorted images, usage of multiple methods may be required in certain cases. The developed application has the capability of combining many methods into a single method and by this feature, which is called Block Application, the user is provided with creative and flexible solutions.

Sharing Experience among Users

The block applications generated for a certain solution can be shared among other users, which results in spread of gained experience.

Reporting the Work

The whole work performed within the application can be reported.

Menu / Model Based Working

The application can be used in interaction with the user through menus or models which correspond to image processing methods. Two different utilization approaches, which are Menu Based and Model Based, are provided to the user. Thus, the user can choose to work with the appropriate structure according to the analysis performed.

Specifications given here may change without prior notice as the result of continued research and development work.