Although the basic concept of the Stealth Crafts was the development of a highly specialized high speed interception craft, the angular shapes of the stealth Crafts design creates a fascinating aggressive futuristic look.

Stealth technology is a combination of shape, speed, modern reflection techniques, material choice and sound- and heat reduction technologies. These technologies, strictly for military purpose, where developed at the NASA space programs in the United States and applied to the well-known spy planes and invisible bombers like the F-117. The resemblance between these fighters and the Stealth Crafts is not a coincidence!

Besides the passive Stealth features the power plants of the Stealth Crafts, the 6.5 liter V-8 power package from MarineDiesel Sweden combined with the military grade SARO Tunnel drive from MSA marine systems in Germany, develops remarkable speed in excess of 125 km/hour. These top speeds and handling guarantees sensational rides on board of a Stealth Craft that are hard to forget.

If you are a fan adrenaline rush, we challenge you for a ride in our Stealth Crafts!