advanced detection technology

Fast Gate™

Advanced Detection Technology’s Access Control Solutions are extremely flexible, security systems designed to allow secure entry and exit using a wide range of technologies. Our units can be engaged for perimeter security, internal facilities security, or customized for any access point.

         The FastGate™ Access Control System encompasses a wide variety of technologies including traditional physical barriers, gates, bollards, as well as biometrics, license plate recognition, under vehicle inspection, RFID, document scanning, and/or surveillance systems.
FastGate™Access Control System
FastGate™Handheld Access Control System

Fast Plate™ License Plate Recognition

Advanced Detection Technology’s FastPlate™ License Plate Recognition System captures and processes license plate information. FastPlate™ identifies a vehicle by “reading” its individual, unique license plate using optical character recognition (OCR) software.
FastPlate™ Fixed - Mounted, permanent LPR system used for inbound/outbound lanes
FastPlate™ Mobile - Vehicle mounted LPR captures moving vehicles' license plates
FastPlate™ Handheld - Puts security in the palm of your hand! Includes automatic or manual LPR


LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Advanced Detection Technology's LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) provide a safe, rapid, accurate, and thorough method of inspecting the undercarriage of passenger and commercial vehicles. LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems are available in portable or fixed units.

VI104: In Ground
VI105: Low Profile
VI108: Portable
VI200: Compact, Portable
PortaPoint™ Access Control Sysytem

Portable FastGate™ product. All the tools of the standard Fast Gate™ and more... Read More




The Advanced Detection ROWP™ remote operated weapon platform provides security personnel with the tools to detect, identify, classify and defend against unauthorized entry from terrorist or enemy with intent to invade a critical asset facility. Read More




View vehicle top, bottom, and sides. View engine, trunk, inside through opened doors.


SceneCam™ Fixed
SceneCam™ Mobile


Stealth Guard™

Covert video recorder system provides video documentation of theft, vandalism, accidents, or illegal activities.
Read More


VisiCam™ & VisiScan™

View driver's license and driver's photo. Read More