ICM launched the X-Spector, the first product of a range of portable digital X-Ray imaging systems for investigation of suspicious objects abandoned in public areas.



Detector - X-Spector

Based on a CCD technology, the X-Spector has been designed for perfect match with the CPB serie of X-Ray sources and provides the following unique features:

* Multi-energy
* All OS Compatibility


Detector - X-Spector

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Flatscan 27

FlatScan 27 is a lightweight, portable, robust x-ray scanning system for security and inspection applications. It incorporates a state-of-the-art digital scanning detector, an innovative x-ray generator and a notebook computer for real-time image processing.

Flatscan 27

For specific applications, it can also be combined with especially designed accessories.


Detector - FlatScan 27

The use of innovative and patented technologies creates images of unparalleled quality and provides major benefits to the security professionals whose usability requirements are entirely met:
* Minimum time on target
* Fastest image assessment
* Maximum ease of use

detector flatscan


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