stch 316STC H-318

 IPte to analogue converter.

STC H-318


STC H318 converts data from digital telephone lines to analogue signal which can be further recorded by various Smart Logger II interface cards and I/O devices.


- Digital-to-analogue conversion of voice data
- Information on ongoing conversation is transferred by pilot signal
- Caller ID on incoming calls, as well as dialed number on outgoing calls, are retrieved and converted into analogue DTMF form.
- The device features passive parallel connection to digital telephone lines.
- Analogue and digital lines can be recorded simultaneously by a system based on laptop computer.
 Various PBX types supported.

Technical characteristics:

- Supported telephone interfaces : two-wire interfaces of various vendors; four-wire IPte BRI S/T interfaces (2 B-cannels + 1 D-channel)
- Capacity of 2 two-line or 1 four-line interface per device.
- Maximum cable length to digital telephone lines - 2.5 meters.
- Power supply (5V, 140mA):
  - external
  - STC-H205 hook-up

- Impedance

  - 5 MOhm DC
  - 100 kOhm AC
  - Maximum analogue voltage swing: 2.8 V.
  - Pilot signals frequency: user-defined.
  - Full galvanic isolation

- Dimensions: 118x75x37 mm
- Weight: 0.3 kg