assalult ascender

The T1-16 Assault Ascender is developed by ActSafe for Tactical users. Design, power train and batteries are specially developed for this model –which only is available for tactical users. The T1-16 Assault Ascender is designed for maximal endurance, it is water tight and optimized for very high speed and silent operation...

Capacity and Performance
assalult ascender capacity

Lifting Capacity

The Assault Ascender is optimized for lifting a fully equipped operator, i.e. between 80-150kg. The load is monitored and the ascender will be switched off automatically in case of an over load (>180kg) to protect the batteries and the rope installation...


Specially designed for Military/Navy, Law Enforcement, Police/Military Special Forces, SWAT/Counter Terror Units, Mountain Operators, Homeland Security, Intelligence Units, Coast Guards, Customs and SAR.