Complete Meteorological and Oceanographic

Data Acquisition Systems



• Real-Time Data
• Easy to Install & Easy to Use
• Standard Mooring Configurations
• User Specified Sensors (Standard)
• Wireless Subsurface Acoustic Telemetry
• Hardwire, Radio, Cellular or Satellite
• Deployed & Supported WorldWide


InterOcean Systems offers  a  complete  product  line  of  environmental  monitoring stations for coastal remote applications.  These stations have been designed to meet the environmental conditions and user’s unique measurement requirements for any deploy- ment site.  Each station design has a basic set of measurement sensors that can easily be  enhanced  with  additional  options.    For  applications  requiring  real-time  reporting, InterOcean  provides  a  complete  range  of  telemetry  systems  to  link  data  from  the measurement platform to a base station for continuous display, archival storage, and post- processing  by  the  user.    Whatever  the  application,  InterOcean  has  a  turn-key  system configuration designed to successfully meet your measurement requirements.

InterOcean  Systems’ coastal  monitoring  stations  are  generally  classified  into  three different categories based on water depth, site conditions, and mounting criteria: a cable- based  Near-Shore  Station used  with  bottom-mounted  instruments  for  use  in  water depths of approximately 30 meters or less; a self-contained Coastal Buoy Station with integrated instrumentation for deployment in depths of about 30 to 200 meters; and an Off-Shore  Buoy  Station with  integrated  sensors  is  designed  for  deep  water  and/or exposed conditions.  In addition to the cable-based systems and integrated Buoy stations, hybrid configurations are also available using a combination of components for installation on a customer-supplied Buoy, fixed Piling, Vessels (DP, FPSO, Barge, etc), offshore oil Rigs, or other Platforms.

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