MPY Permanent Magnet Yoke

MPY Permanent Magnet Yoke

- PMY supplies longitudinal flux. Does not need external power for operation.
- Useful in testing finished parts during production, maintenance and repairs
- Highly flexible with articulating arms and rotating poles.
- Economical and Light weight- weighs only 2.00 Kgs.
- Highly concentrated magnetic flux. Meets ASTM specifications in load carrying capacity.
- Safe for use in explosive environments such as Refineries, Petrochemical complexes, Offshore    platforms, Mines etc

Electromagnetic Yokes


MEY-1                  MEY-2
- The Yokes have articulated legs and flexible poles to fit on odd shape object.
- All circuitry is built in the handle for easy operation. No separate power supply.
- Yoke can be directly plugged in the mains 230Volts supply.
- Yokes working on 110 Volts AC or 48 V / 12 V DC supply also available.
- Duty cycle: Yokes are designed for 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off duty cycle.
- Yokes available with Battery operated power supply & built in charging system.
- All yokes weigh between 2.8 Kgs and 3.25 Kgs.
- Magnetic flux output meets and exceeds ASTM/ASME/BS/MIL specifications.


MEY-4 DC Yoke working on battery
- The Yokes works on 12 volts chargeable battery. Battery charger built-in
Note: Yokes available to work on 230/110Volts


UV-Light MT/PT Accessories





 - Labino®Duo UV lamps have unbeatable UV intensity, creating extreme excitation of    fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at great    distances, that was once impossible with former technology.
- The Labino®Duo is a two-part lamp consisting of a light weight luminary unit and a    ballast (electronics) unit.
- The Labino®Duo lamp is available in three important distinctions - floodlight, midlight or    spotlight ?each giving different beams and intensities.
- The Labino®Duo obtains full power in 5-15 seconds and can be switched on and off    whenever used, without pre-cooling.
- The lamp is shock proof, generates very little heat, and is unaffected by magnetic fields.
- You can use the lamp outdoors, even in the rain, as the lamp is IP65 certified.
- Labino®Duo lamps are based on two key components - the Labino DUV-35 W Gas    Discharge Bulb (MPXL technology) and the Labino Trigger Ballast (Electronics). The    interface technology between these key components creates unbeatable output    performance.


Maxiflux MPT Accessories




- Spare Magnetic cables & Prods
- Magnetic Field Indicator (Pie Gauges)
- Artificial Fault Test Specimen For Prod type Machine
- Artificial Fault Test Specimen For Yokes
- Test Piece as per BS 6072
- Keto's Ring
- Field Indicator (Pie Gauge)
- Artificial Test plate for Yokes
- Load Test Plate For AC/DC Yokes
- Centrifuge Tube with Stand
- Powder Blower / Hand Spray Bottle
- Portable Black Light (UV) unit
- Black light units with buil-in cooling fan
- Magnetic Powder (Dry/Wet/Fluorescent)


Dye Penetrant Test Chemicals




Penetrants (Red & Fluorescent)
Test Panels to check the sensitivity of DP Chemicals

Aluminium Comparators
To check the performance and comparison of DP chemicals.

Ni-Cr Test Panels


 To check the sensitivity of DP chemicals. Available in 10,20,30 and 50 microns flaw depths.

TAM Panels
A reliable means to monitor performance and sensitivity of Fluorescent penetrants.

Vacuum Box for leak testing on welds and tank floors. Quickly checks pinholes and leak in welds when other side of the test surface is not available.


Standard sizes
Flat Box : 325mm x 200mm x 70mm
Corner Box : 325mm x 100mm x 70mm
Custom made box also available
Standard set includes Vacuum pump, hose, quick release nozzle.
Each box is fitted with release valve, quick fit socket, vacuum gauge.


To check pinholes and leaks in coatings on pipes tanks etc. Leacks of 10 microns and above can be detected.
Availavle range:
10kV, 20kV, 30kV, & 40kV
Supplied complete with accessories like spring coils for pipes, sweeping brush.

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