Steel wire rope tester - INROS

Safe and reliable use of industrial objects often depend on the technical condition of wire cables, referred to commonly as wire ropes . Such ropes typically deteriorate during their lifetime for various reasons, such as external and internal corrosion and abrasion, static and dynamic mechanical stresses, etc. Deterioration results in the loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) and local faults (LF), such as broken individual wires and strands. Information concerning the technical condition of rope allows timely remedial actions that increase rope lifetime and ensure their continued safe use. This information can only be obtained with special instruments.


Wire rope tester INTROS is a specially designed instrument developed for non-destructive inspection of wire ropes in the most reliable way. The design of the instrument allows the customer to use INTROS in difficult operating conditions, wherever the rope is installed. The INTROS system includes a portable basic unit (data logger) and magnetic head. The data logger, connected to magnetic head, is battery powered with internal memory storage for later downloading, and has illuminated displays to indicate current measuring information.

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Steel cord conveyor belt tester - INTROCON

INTROCON can be used during manufacture of conveyor belts as well as during its use on-site without termination of running process in mines, steel plants, power stations, etc. INTROCON can be used for monitoring of technical condition of steel cord carcass during life time of belts. The instrument is capable to detect cord damage, cord discontinuity or corrosion, monitors distance between ends of cords in splices.



INTROCON utilizes eddy-current method of operation and consists of basic unit (data logger) and scanner.

When the belt runs with regular operation speed the scanner inspects steel cord carcass along its full length and width.

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NDT Inspection of Storage Tanks


INTROCOR M-150 is a reliable and effective equipment to inspect integrity of storage tanks. The tool acquires transverse oriented defects like cracks, pitting, and corrosion. In addition the instrument measures plate thickness and coating thickmess. It is possible to inspect areas close to the plate welds.



The INTROCOR's performance corresponds to API653 requirements. The instrument operation is based on on well proved MFL inspection technology with implemented eddy current probes. The instrument is suited to inspect hard-to-reach areas of tank floor and roof having practically no "dead" zone.

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