The FOMA NDT SYSTEM includes complete speed series of INDUX line films films for industrial radiography, FOMADUX line processing chemicals for industrial radiography for manual and automatic processing, automatic processors and additional assortment. The wide range of speeds and quality classes makes it possible for the user to find a film suitable for practically any type of radiographic work, using X-ray appliances and radionuclides.



Industrial X-Ray Films


Specification and use of INDUX line


Extremely fine-grain, high-contrast, low-speed film with excellent sharpness. Designed for the detection of critical small-sized defects Thin-walled steel parts/products, light metal parts/products of usual thickness, plastics and composite materials in machine, electrical and aircraft industries, etc.
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A low-speed, high-contrast, extremely fine-grain film with excellent sharpness suitable for radiography with or without lead screens

Applications requiring exact resolution in details like inspection electronical components, ceramical particles, castings, nuclear components, in cosmic research, aircraft and shipping industry.
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A very fine-grain, high-contrast, medium-speed film designed for the detection of small critical defects. Light metal and and steel castings, aircraft industry, nuclear energetics.

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A fine-grain, high-contrast, standard-speed film. A standard film for most applications. Inspection of welds and castings, general engineering, ship building industry.

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INDUX R7 A fine-grain, high-contrast, high-speed film for most standard applications. Inspection of welds and castings, general engineering, building industry.
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A medium-grain, high-contrast, very high-speed film, designed for general use; an additional shortening of exposure times can be reached in combination with fluorometallic screens. Inspection of thick-walled castings, building industry, inspection of concrete and heavy structures.

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Rollfilm FOMADUX is a special confectioning form of technical radiographic film designed for non destructive material testing with use of X- or gamma radiation. The special form of the packaging ensures the film’s resistance to light, humidity and greasy impurities.

The following types of technical radiographic film are supplied as FOMADUX NDT ROLLFILM:
INDUX R4 with lead screens
INDUX R5 with lead screens
INDUX R7 with lead screens

Technical data sheet: Click here to download

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FOMADUX RX - 1 is a high speed film intended especially for use with impulse X-ray devices.


Processing baths

Liquid chemicals for automatic processing


Fomadux LP-D

Liquid concentrate for preparing (together with FOMA LP-DS Starter) the developer and (without the starter) the replenisher for automatic processing of industrial X-ray films. It is delivered as a set of 3 bottles of liquid concentrate for preparing of 20 litres of working solution.

Technical data sheet: Click here to download

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Fomadux LP-DS

Liquid concentrate to prepare the developer (together with FOMA LP-D Developer-Replenisher) for films in medical and industrial radiography. It is supplied in bottles of 0,5 l.

Technical data sheet: Click here to download

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Fomadux Mix

Two-components concentrated solution of fixer for making 21 l of fixing bath intended for automatic processing of all types of the radiographic films.

Liquid chemicals for manual processing


Fomadux FIX

Concentrate based on ammonium thiosulphate of high fixing speed and effectiveness, high buffering action and long-lasting stability. Made in container of 5 liters used for 20 liters of fixing bath. It is intended for manual processing.

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Fomadux LP-T

Technical data sheet: Click here to download

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