g-tech crawler

The G-TECH range of pipeline radiography crawlers is a versatile, efficient and high specification pipeline crawlers. Field tested, designed and constructed to an extremely high standard to meet the requirement of Radiography Non-Destructive Examination in circumferential butt weld, steel tubular installations in oil and gas transmission pipelines.

All stainless steel welded construction modular section, are extremely compact and...



The pipeline radiography crawler are remotely controlled from outside of the pipe using a small shielded Caesium 137 iotope. This passes the signal through the wall of the pipe to the detector system on the crawler.

The crawler may be driven forward or backward by passing the signalling isotope over the crawler in appropriate direction.

Crawler movement control: Click play. Make sure your browser has flash player installed and activeX enabled to be able to play the animations. Download Flash Player.


The crawler may be positioned accurately in the pipe by placing another isotope on pipe surface at a pre-calculated distance from the weld point to scan the pipe joint for any defect.

Crawler X-ray scanning operation: Click play



Due to unforseen circumstances, there are possibilities of the crawler become inoperable inside the pipe. Whatever the cause, be it electrical, mechanical, debris or any other reason, the crawler must be retrieved from the pipe.

A harpoon is fitted to the retrieval unit using centering sliders. the harpoon must be first adjusted to the appropriate height so as to give a possible engagement on the retrieval ring mounted on the crawler chassis.

By depressing the start button, the retrieval unit will travel forward along the pipe, attaching behind to it a small diameter sling cable. Make sure the sling cable is longer than the vehicle is to travel.

Once the harpoon made an engagement on to the retrieval ring, a high pitch sound is given out from the retrieval unit signaling that the crawler had been captured. This also engages a switch that will automatically drive the crawler reverse. Both the crawler and the retrieval unit are then winched out from the pipe.

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